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Thanks for the heads-up Thumb and great to see you!

Looks like they’re less than $5,000 short of their goal right now.

I appreciate Abby Martin’s work a great deal. I think she’s very courageous. Feel free to tell her that. 🙂

Upcoming **AMA with Abby Martin** – Tuesday Sept 4, 4-6PM CT from WayOfTheBern

AMA with Abby Martin on Tuesday Sept. 4 between 4 and 6 PM Central time

What’s an AMA?

So that’s 5-7pm East Coast time? I might be able to catch the second half live!


Is AMA – Ask Me Anything?

That’s my best guess.


Thanks for the heads up. Cross posting is a good thing. I hope to see more of it. After all progressives have to stick together to achieve our desired results.


Thumb was definitely on board with Bernie. Good to see his/her post here. T and R!!


Thanks, Thumb! T&R. Just saw this.

Don midwest
Don midwest

10AM EST today security session and whistle blowers

at the worst place, CATO institute, but the best, best people

can watch it live



Are you planning on watching Don? I hope so because maybe you can share some of the convo?

I won’t be able to watch live.

Don midwest
Don midwest

I was only able to watch part of it.

My audio on desktop was not working and I had to run out and get a new fangled audio card — well, could have been around for years and I had not noticed. It plugged into the USB bus and had a jack on the back which I plugged in the green wire to my speakers and sound was back after several months with none.

In short, the NSA developed Thin Thread could have found the hijackers. It was shut down and a new system was being built. All kinds of strange stuff. The moderator was on NSA staff and he had worked on the hill for decades. He read the audit report on the replacement when he was a staff member and it was the worst case of fraud, waste, etc. that he has ever seen. He held up a redacted copy that a FOIA from CATO institute had obtained which had less redacted. The intro, a couple of lines that were redacted in the first “release” was that the NSA thinthread was better technology and more affordable. And it was killed by internal politics in NSA to buy the new system.

Thomas Drake started on 9/11 and was given the job of finding out if 9/11 could have been prevented. Yes. Binney had been given a generous buyout and another man from NSA on the panel so they were on transition. The final decision to kill thinthread was a month or so before 9/11

Drake had been in Naval intelligence when the earlier terrorist attack happened at World Trade Center. In basement – if better placed bomb coule have done more damage. Back in 1990’s. Drake tried to get govnt response to prepare for these attacks. He went far and wide. One person, in the military or someone said “don’t have to worry about those rag heads.” Binney was in intelligence during VietNam war. Tet Offensive in 1968. They knew about it 2 months before and ignored it. Arrogance of power – same with 9/11. Self corruption.

Phillipines had experience of terrorists including using planes as bombs. Thus well known. Well, ….

Why didn’t the CIA tell FBI? maybe trying to recruit them …

Ray McGovern was in the audience

There were criminal investigations that were shut down.

Cheney a couple of months after 9/11 began spying on all Americans.

Maybe they will make a transcript


Thanks Don!

I really appreciate you taking the trouble.


Here is Thumb’s thread with Abby Martin as of about 7:30pm (so it’s over now as far as live goes).

This is Abby Martin, Advocacy Journalist fighting War and Imperialism, AMA ! from WayOfTheBern

I admire Abby’s courage, and she has all sorts of trips planned.

Definitely planning on getting to Lebanon soon to report, also a road trip across the US to try to understand more from the people themselves about why this country is so fucked up. I wish getting into Yemen didn’t require smuggling myself in. We are also trying to get into Iran.

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