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Toby Ziegler
Toby Ziegler

I heard about this on Redacted Tonight and it is scary. Thanks for the link to the petition. Signed.

Mr Robert
Mr Robert



Thank you!
You are exactly on point, Star Strider.
There is no proven nutritional benefit, and there are possibly detrimental aspects to this “methodology”.
While the motivation is, as you point out, to abuse and distort by trickery the concept of intellectual property in order to “impoverish and enslave” farmers, as you point out.
It’s Outrageous.
I. Signed.
Also signed the petition on Food Democracy:

Linda Thieman

Thanks for posting this, Dr. Star. Signed!


Thanks for sharing!! Signed.


Thank you @starstrider. I signed another petition and will gladly sign this one. Monsanto used its’ corp $$ and lobbyists to influence our legislators to have that bar code usage inserted in the bill instead of plain GMO labeling/wordage.

There are very few people in this country that have access to anything that can read that code . Many seniors certainly don’t.

DARK Act=Deny Americans the Right to Know

I firmly believe it is our basic right to know exactly what we are buying and eating. I will not knowingly eat GMO Frankenfoods.


Megan Crane

I respect the differing opinions on GMOs, but as someone that has read a lot about it and thinks that progressives should be a little more skeptical of the anti-GMO movement, I think that this should be part of the discussion.

Not super in-depth analysis of GMOs, but good analysis of the labeling issues.

I’ll add another site that I’ve come to trust on subjects that I feel like I have a hard time forming an opinion on because I don’t have significant personal knowledge.

Thanks for checking these out if you have the time. Again, I know it’s a subject that people have strong opinions about, but speaking for myself, the more knowledge from different perspectives the better.


Who the hell is going to take out their smart phone — assuming they have one — and scan a QR code, as opposed to spending a second or two to read a warning? This definitely is scary.