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Thank God. As long as she does more than campaign on it. And not shove it under the bus as soon as she’s elected.


An article from a few weeks ago–but relevant. As usual in U.S. politics, it’s down to whether the Senators and Representatives will listen to the popular good ideas or the $$$ provided by those opposed to those ideas.


Yet as Democrats regroup from their 2016 defeat, leaders say the party has plainly shifted well to the left on the issue, setting the stage for a larger battle over the health care system in next year’s congressional elections and the 2020 presidential race. Their liberal base, emboldened by Senator Bernie Sanders’s forceful advocacy of government-backed health care last year, is increasingly unsatisfied with the Affordable Care Act and is demanding more drastic changes to the private health insurance system.

In a sign of shifting sympathies, most House Democrats have now endorsed a single-payer proposal. Party strategists say they expect that the 2020 presidential nominee will embrace a broader version of public health coverage than any Democratic standard-bearer has in decades.

Representative Rick Nolan of Minnesota, a populist Democrat whose district voted for President Trump by a wide margin, said he had rarely seen core Democratic voters as enthusiastic about an issue as they were about single-payer health care. Mr. Nolan said he would support creating a state-level system in Minnesota, but believed the party’s goal should be a national law.

He said he supported creating a single-payer system in his state but believed the party’s goal should be a national law.

He warned Democrats against being too cautious on health care or trusting that they could passively reap the benefits of Republican missteps, saying that his party needed a more boldly “aspirational” health care platform.

Rank-and-file Democrats, Mr. Nolan said, “are energized in a way I have not witnessed in a long, long time.”


Single Payer?! So just how are those poor, poor insurance executives going to get by without their multimillion dollar salaries?


I’m still very wary of Warren. I’m wary of any Repuke, ex- as well as current. Rec’d, subir. 🙂


This is a positive development!


One could consider this an understatement. LOL


Oops! Wrong thread. Post deleted.


Bernie warns about being overconfident after the temporary setback.


Throwing this in just for context.

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