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Thanks PB for the Thanksgiving Eve post. I got my booster and flu shots today. I’ll be traveling tomorrow morning to MA to visit familly and friends.


As cases begin surging once more in the US, millions of people are expected to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday, and health workers and hospital systems are now preparing for an influx of Covid patients after having little time to recover from the summer surge.

Last year, there was a major surge in cases around the holidays. But this year, new tools could blunt the spread – if they are taken up quickly.

US scientific agencies on Friday recommended boosters for all adults six months after mRNA vaccination, and children over the age of five recently became eligible for vaccines.

Existing treatments like monoclonal antibodies are highly effective if given early, while two promising antiviral medications from Merck and Pfizer may be authorized in coming weeks. But the new treatments may come against a backdrop of rising cases during the holiday season.

“It is a race against time,” Kyle Enfield, the associate chief medical officer of critical care at University of Virginia Health, said.

More than 92,000 Americans are now testing positive for Covid-19 each day, and more than 1,000 people are dying from the virus every day, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Cases are rising in a majority of states, with hotspots in the midwest, north-east and parts of the south-west.

There have already been more Covid deaths this year than there were in 2020, due to the more transmissible Delta variant and low vaccination rates across much of the country, and total deaths from Covid-19 in the US may reach 1 million by spring.




it’s better than 2 doses ever was

Now I want to get my booster. Pretty sure I qualify now. Had a long convo with associate who is totally anti-vax, did what I could to gently present (so she doesn’t harden against me) an alternative view.

Happy Thanksgiving jcitybone!! ❤️


How ya feeling?


Yes, jcitybone, are you feeling ok?

Happy Thanksgiving wi63!! ❤️


You as well mags


I’m fine. The most so ever get from vaccinations are feeling a little chilled.




I’m seeing this narrative all over the place, it’s clear to almost everyone that we’re being gouged!




Joe has apparently decided to run again in 2024…meanwhile all we hear is rumors about Pete and Kamala. It’s kind of awful.


SloMoJoe will barely be able to think in 3 years. He’s on meds now. And Pete and Kamala? Which bunch of oligarchs is pushing that disaster?


It’s a depressing scenario and, wait, Bernie was supposedly too old to run two years ago? give..me..a.. break

OTOH, I must admit there are times in which I wonder how effective Bernie would have been during these times, the gov’t so messed up!!

One thing I know though, neither Kamala or Pete are going to cut it with voters. Noooo way. And Joe…well I will say that my Independant hubby has actually become a fan of Joe.. that’s how low the bar is now.


imo, Bernie would be tons more effective than joe.



As a new survey published Tuesday showed overwhelming support among American voters for capping the cost of insulin at $35 per month, progressive U.S. lawmakers underscored what they insisted is the Senate’s imperative to include a provision allowing Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices in its version of the Build Back Better budget reconciliation bill.

The Data for Progress poll found that 87% of all respondents—including 94% of self-described Democrats, 84% of Independents, and 82% of Republicans—”strongly” or “somewhat” favor the insulin price cap.

Writing for Data for Progress, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) noted that the House version of the Build Back Better Act, which was passed last week, “will allow Medicare to negotiate the prices of certain pharmaceuticals, including insulin.”

“It also creates a cap so that no one pays more than $35 per month for insulin,” he continued. “Let me say that again: House Democrats just passed a cap on the price of insulin at $35 per month—and now it’s time for the Senate to get it done.”

“American families currently pay thousands of dollars a year for their insulin, far more than any other nation,” said Wyden, “even though its estimated cost of manufacturing is just $2.28 to $6.34 per vial, the sticker price for a single vial of insulin is $300. That’s hundreds of dollars a month out of the pockets of millions of families in Oregon and families across the country for a drug that’s been around for decades due to the uncontrolled greed of the pharmaceutical industry.”

“The effects are disastrous,” he added. “For instance, one quarter of Americans with Type 1 diabetes ration their insulin due to its exorbitant costs. By capping the price of insulin at $35 per month, the Build Back Better Act can help millions of Americans get the insulin they need at a price they can afford.”

Senate Budget Committee Chair Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) tweeted Tuesday that “insulin should not cost 10 times as much in the United States as it does in Canada. Period.”


One of my best friends lost a dear friend from the same thing. Her friend knew she was a Type 1 diabetic. She could not always afford her insulin. It killed her. That was a long time ago but big PHrMA has been pulling this for years.


Not sure which one will kill you first, having that illness or cutting the dose as you cant afford the insulin? The real sad thing the Pharma CEO dont give a rats ass as long as they hit the quarterly profit goal, what a sad state of affairs death care is in this country.


That’s terrible! 🙁

I’ve been living in this country for quite awhile now, but I can never get over this..was about to say ‘idea’….FACT that people in what is supposedly the best country in the world are dying from not getting insulin!


Way to msny people are still under that Illusion that were the best. The only thing the US excells at is generating wealth at its citizens expense. Were not even in the top 10 a lot of catagories that determine a quality of life


American exceptionalism certainly should be a re-examined concept!

We need a leader that can forecefully, and coherently, express a new vision, one that TRULY results in a better way forward that is plausible and believable and delivers.


Sadly i think it will take a WW3 to start over and do better as a species. Well if thiers anybody left to start over. Mother nature will take care of the human infestation hurting the planet as well. It will just take her longer but some people will survive. No matter how it goes down their will be several areas of the world that will be uninhabitable due to Nuke plants melting down due to lack of proper maintenance. I hope that man grows up but i just dont see it right now the ones(PTB) that have to effect change are to obsessed with $$$$$$ and absolute Power.


Traffic light coalition taking over in Germany from Merkel.




Potential Squad member or ally.


State Rep. Jasmine Crockett is expected to tell supporters today that she’s running in Dallas’ congressional District 30 to replace Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson.

It’s expected that Johnson will endorse Crockett for the seat she’s held for almost 30 years.

The news conference is set for 1 p.m. CT. Johnson said Saturday as she announced her retirement that she would look for a qualified woman candidate to endorse as her replacement.

Crockett, a criminal defense and civil rights attorney, was elected to the Texas House last year after a tight runoff in the Democratic primary for House District 100. As the sole Black freshman in the Legislature this year, she made an impact with her ambitious bill filing and her passionate delivery and debate on the House floor.

Crockett was an outspoken member of the delegation of Texas House Democrats who broke quorum this summer and flew to Washington, D.C. to push Congress to pass federal voting rights legislation. She was also a part of a group that stayed in Washington to keep the pressure on House and Senate leadership after many members of the delegation had headed home.

Crockett, who is used to running against the establishment, raised her name recognition by being a leading voice in the resistance House Democrats staged against the policies of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.