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LOL, “does the DNC want the e-mail list to send everyone a birthday present?” “Respond to fundraising e-mails for Russia?”

I’m with Dore on this one. Democratic Party is still bankrupt, even with big donors.


‘Alt’ comes from the word ‘alternative’ which means having a choice. It’s also a computer key–big friggin’ deal. The political crew aren’t alternate; they’re either FRightwing extreme right, or gawd only knows about the left. Just more deliberate (and stupid) manipulation of our language. As a classical English major, I am sick of it. Hey, LD: T and R!! 🙂


c99 has just put a thread up about Dore, too. I need to give this dude a listen one day! 🙂


HE is worth the effort.

Here is a link to his videos. You will be hooked as he is mostly spot on.



Someone should post this at Daily Kos. (It would be an automatic bojo.)


It would be shit storm for a really short time, but it would be fun to watch.

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