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Thanks LD, what a battle this has become, fighting all the destructive pipelines.


Hi LD/JD! 🙂

When are we Americans going to get together, vote, and demand that Big Oil start paying its expenses? There are hundreds of miles of deteriorating pipe lines crossing this country. They are rusting and releasing dangerous chemicals into the ground. This has been going on for decades! They want to build new ones? Fine. Fix and maintain the ones already built. Sure is cheaper than building new, unneeded ones. T and R, LD!!

Don midwest
Don midwest

those were the days …

Once upon a time, if it was big and it was a technological advance, I’d expect to hear it was happening in the United States. As Trump flushes the toilet on true American greatness (its intellectual capital, ability to attract talent from around the world, its open-mindedness and freedom for innovation, its commitment to the environment) and watches it swirl away into the sewer of hate and backwardness, other world powers are chomping at the bit to rise. India is one of them.

“The Light of a Thousand Suns:” India has 5 of World’s largest Solar Farms, Plans Huger


Interesting tidbit…and why the judiciary matters…