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T and R, NYCVG!!😊☮️👍 Correct me if I am wrong but I read that the 2016 total was around 129M. tRump had around 63 and $hrill around 66. It was the usual abysmal low turnout.😡 I take Drudge with a yuge grain of salt. However, 71M is beyond impressive. Tom Petty was born and reared about 2+ hours north of my casa. 🎸🎹🎤👍



I honestly see more NeoLibs and their mouthpieces on ‘The View’ eager to try and get a punch in on AOC, etc attacking the GND than I see GOP attacks on it

Democrats see Green New Deal yielding gains despite GOP attacks

Democrats are sensing political gains from the Green New Deal heading into Election Day, even as Republicans deride the progressive proposal and some Democratic candidates slink away from it.

The fight over the proposal – what’s in it and who supports it – has played out on the debate stage over the past month, with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden showing he’s as eager to cast his climate plan as his own as President Trump is to tie the Green New Deal and Biden to socialism.

The battle underscores how less than two years after it was introduced in Congress, few voters fully understand what is and isn’t in the 14-page resolution introduced by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.).

The resolution lacks any legislative language to enact its proposals, let alone ban meat or air travel as Republicans have suggested, but some Democratic congressional candidates have nonetheless distanced themselves from it as Republicans land some blows with their attacks.

But where Democrats sense success is in energizing voters around a massive investment in clean energy – a topic that unites the party and offers a pathway to growth amid an economic downturn.

“The resolution had the potential to divide the party, and indeed it was co-sponsored by the most liberal members and not by moderates for the most part, but what changed is the Trump COVID economic crisis,” said Paul Bledsoe, a strategic adviser at the Progressive Policy Institute and ex-adviser to former President Clinton.

“That changed the politics so that Joe Biden could get behind a $2 trillion clean energy infrastructure package, and that was music to the ears of progressives but also helped Biden and the Democrats seem responsive to the economic crisis and in particular the jobs crisis,” Bledsoe added.

Recent polling has found voters are generally supportive of the Green New Deal, either when presented with a description of the plan or when asked about it by name.

A Yale University poll last week found that 64 percent of voters expressed support for the Green New Deal



I’m sure this will be helpful to his chances in Omaha

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

Wow! Did the campaign not arrange for the busses that brought them to pick them up afterward?


They were treated as extras. They are on their own after his show ends.


Just like the Pro-birthers.


Just like he running the Govt–you’re on your own


Probably overly optimistic but Wisconsin is zooming away from Trump. In the end Michigan and Wisconsin will probably be in the same place


Senile RW vs. Senile Nuts FWR. Words fail me.


I’ll say did this poll take place in Dane county? Marquette came out with its last poll today and had Byedone by 6. Marquette’s been pretty accurate over the years.




4k7cf1 (1).jpg

You are bad!😂👍


Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez said she used to wake up to a stack of photos from Capitol police or the FBI of people threatening to kill her as abuse quickly became the norm for her and those in her life.

“I used to wake up in the morning and literally get a stack of pictures that were forwarded by Capitol police or FBI. Like, ‘These are the people who want to kill you today,’ ” AOC told Vanity Fair this week.

The hate extended to her family, including her brother, Gabriel, who would receive calls from the FBI warning him not to open his mail due to bomb threats, according to the publication. Other targets of abuse include the designer of her Cesar Chavez–inspired campaign posters, who would receive death threats, and her former dean at Boston University, who would regularly receive emails calling him the n-word.

She also noted that her offices would be flooded with calls, voicemails and emails from Trump supporters repeating any recent jabs against her by President Donald Trump, from calling her a “poor student” to a “wack job.”

The threats go far beyond just leaving a voicemail or commenting online. A month into her first term in the House of Representatives in 2019, a Coast Guard lieutenant and self-described white nationalist, Lt. Christopher Hasson, was arrested in Maryland with a stockpile of weapons as part of a plot to kill Ocasio-Cortez, Senator Kamala Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, among others. Hasson was sentenced to 13 years in prison earlier this year after pleading guilty to federal gun and drug charges.

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

Smdh, where do we go from here?


I don’t see any investigation cranking up. Why is that? Cos she is not a GOPuke Lite?

Don midwest
Don midwest

Thom Hartmann @Thom_Hartmann 10/28/20
(1/21) The Republican Party is an organized gang of sociopaths.
10:50 AM · Oct 28, 2020·Stormcrow
(2/21) Trump doesn’t care how many people in Omaha are stuck for hours in the freezing cold, over 3 miles from the nearest road or parking lot, after he’s left his rally, putting some in the hospital. And he clearly doesn’t care how many people die of Covid.
(3/21) One of the defining characteristics of a sociopath is that they view themselves as the only “real“ humans on the planet, and everybody else is basically a prop in the amazing story of their lives.
(4/21) Other people, they think, don’t feel emotions or pain or anything else with the intensity that they do. They believe they’re the only
(5/21) The Republican Party, starting in 1980, has brought that sociopathic worldview to politics, and made it a cornerstone of policy as well as a criteria for elective office.
(6/21) Reagan didn’t care how many people were harmed or died because of his “government is the cause of your problems“ or “starve the beast“ policies.
(7/21) George W. Bush didn’t care how many Americans or other human beings may die because of his lies about Iraq and WMD: if it helped him politically, it was all good.
(8/21) But Trump and the GOP’s sociopathy isn’t limited to using supporters as props and letting the people he thinks of as suckers suffer from hypothermia.
(9/21) The Republican-controlled EPA just authorized five years of a deadly pesticide being poured onto our food, so giant corporations and their shareholders could enjoy more profits.
(10/21) The Republican-controlled Interior department is destroying our national parks and selling off public land to GOP-donor mining and drilling companies.
(11/21) The Republican-controlled Agriculture department is cutting people off food stamps during the Trump Depression, while the Republican-controlled Department of Housing and Urban Development is trying to throw poor people out into the cold during a pandemic.
(12/21) The Republican-controlled Justice Department is openly giving a pass to criminal Republican operatives, supporters and donors, while prosecuting critics of their racist, police-state tactics.
(13/21) The Republican controlled CDC and FDA are cutting corners for big Pharma to help Trump win the election, while putting the lives of millions of Americans at risk.
(14/21) The Republican-directed Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is promoting privatized so-called “Medicare Advantage“ plans that often wipe out seniors who get sick, while they devastate Medicare itself and will make it difficult to pass Medicare for All legislation.
(15/21) Republican-dominated media organizations and radio and TV stations daily traffic in easily-disproven lies and are constantly trying to gin up racial hatred, all to benefit the oligarch class.
(16/21) Republican-aligned billionaires financed a plan to put rightwing judges on the Supreme Court; those judges are planning to repeat their 2000 scam of handing the White House to a man who lost the popular vote and only seized the Electoral College through voter suppression.
(17/21) There is not a single elected Republican with any consequential profile in America who acknowledges the dangers of climate change and the straightforward solution of ending our dependence on fossil fuels, simply because fossil fuel billionaires own them all.
(18/21) Republicans celebrate the Citizens United Supreme Court decision because it nakedly allows billionaires and giant corporations to own politicians and political parties.
(19/21) Republicans embrace white racist gangs that pretend they’re “militias“ because they’ll intimidate people of color who tend to vote Democratic.
(20/21) Sociopathy cannot be “cured“; it can only be controlled. Sociopaths need to be identified, isolated from society, and restrained in ways that limit the damage they can do to others.
(21/21) This is a central tenant of psychotherapy, and America must apply it to politics as well, before these Republican sociopaths totally destroy our nation and gut democracy around the world.

Don midwest
Don midwest

another article on both factions agree on neo liberal economics

The Democrats claimed to be united in their opposition to Barrett’s confirmation. Yet their resistance to having a justice rammed through at the 11th hour of a lame duck presidency feels like the resistance that the Washington Generals used to show against the Harlem Globetrotters. That is, pure theater in which the outcome is never in doubt.

What this tells us is that the corporate donors who control the Democratic Party are happy with a Justice Barrett. In her short time on the bench, she has ruled consistently in favor of corporations. Just weeks before her nomination to the high court, Judge Barrett delivered a key ruling blocking many gig workers from suing in court when tech companies cheat them out of overtime pay. This and other business-friendly rulings is why corporations have given millions to groups such as the Judicial Crisis Network and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to campaign for Barrett’s appointment to the court. Barrett also belongs to the business-backed Federalist Society and will join five other Federalists on the Supreme Court.

The differences between Democrats and Republicans on issues like abortion and gay rights are important to be sure. But the areas of agreement between the two parties— both parties favor the interests of corporations over their workers and the environment— are also important. And these issues don’t get discussed because there is no disagreement. It is just accepted by both parties that a lawyer must be business-friendly to qualify for a federal judgeship.

The real reason Democrats didn’t stop the Barrett confirmation
She’s exactly the kind of judge corporate donors support.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Republicans: The New Confederacy

NY Review of Books. Might be behind a pay wall. I no longer subscribe but they do send some articles. Short article.

Democracy works best when politics don’t mirror the country’s deepest social divisions, and all sides can accept defeat and a transition of government. As Trump flags replace Confederate flags on truck caravans and at Republican rallies, we are about to experience a presidential contest, perhaps the first since 1860, when it is possible that millions on each side will not find defeat acceptable.

Democrats represent a coalition held together loosely by an ideology of inclusion, a commitment to active government, faith in humanistic and scientific expertise, and an abhorrence of what they perceive as the monstrous presidency of Donald J. Trump. Republicans, with notable defections, are a party held together by a commitment to tax reduction, corporate power, anti-abortion, white nationalism, and the sheer will for power. We are essentially two political tribes fighting a cold civil war that may determine whether or not our institutions can survive the strife fomented by a pandemic, a racial reckoning, an economic collapse, the death of a transcendent Supreme Court justice, and the reelection campaign of our homegrown authoritarian president.

According to the historian Stephanie McCurry in Confederate Reckoning (2010), the original Confederates of 1861 took “perverse pride” in being “out of step” with the modern world. One Southern minister saw the Confederate nation as a righteous minority of “three hundred and fifty thousand white men” commanding the labor of “four million African slaves” in the service of civilization. That “nation” faced colossal defeat four years later; a similar political fate may yet befall a Republican party unhinged by today’s world.

This new Confederacy is partly regional and also rural (a declining population). It knows what it hates: the two coasts, diverse cities, marriage equality, certain kinds of feminism, political correctness (sometimes with reason), university “elites,” and “liberals” generally. It is racial and undemocratic. It twists American history to its own ends, substituting “patriotism” for scholarship and science. It has weaponized “truth” and rendered it oddly irrelevant. It has brought us almost to a new 1860, an election in which Americans voted for fundamentally different visions of a proslavery or an antislavery future. For now, this minority interest fights for its existence from within the union by trying to own it.

We cannot imagine the same violent result this time, even as we resolve to save our democracy from the grip of minority rule. But a preservation of our Union will not come from merely calling out moral hypocrisy, or wringing our hands over cynicism, or even from the power of numbers. Democracy has to be sustained by the same will to power that can destroy it.


This likely will bring a smile to your face.😂


would love to send that kid and have her do that to the turtle.


My favorite part was when she did a quick set of pushups, lol. She looks super-athletic!