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Bernie gets to have a public announcement at the Tumble Down Festival before introducing the jam band Twiddle last night in Burlington. You can hear the chants of “Bernie Bernie”.


You have to click on the story linked in order to see the embedded FB video.

I wish I know how to embed a FB video here.


T&R, humphrey. :O)


This one is for the girls…


Yea conservaDems! Keep electing Trump!



might as well just admit that they’re fine with him. barf. we’ve got to find a way to fix our voting system and then find a way to make a third party viable. long, hard road that has actually lost visibility with Citizens United and other things.



It’s a bit too complicated for me to discern the ultimate effect, but:

Federal appeals court delivers blow to Mountain Valley Pipeline

In what environmentalists called a major victory, a federal appeals court on Friday struck down two key decisions allowing a natural gas pipeline to slice through the Jefferson National Forest.

The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the Sierra Club and other conservation groups that challenged approvals by the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management for a 3.6-mile segment of the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

Affected woodlands are in Giles and Montgomery counties and Monroe County, West Virginia. The pipeline’s route through the national forest will also take it under the Appalachian Trail atop Peters Mountain.

During oral arguments in May, a three-judge panel raised pointed questions about the Forest Service’s acceptance of Mountain Valley’s assurances that it could control erosion and sediment caused by running a 42-inch diameter buried pipeline along steep mountainsides.

“MVP’s proposed project would be the largest pipeline of its kind to cross the Jefferson National Forest,” Judge Stephanie Thacker wrote in the opinion.

“American citizens understandably place their trust in the Forest Service to protect and preserve this country’s forests, and they deserve more than silent acquiescence to a pipeline company’s justification for upending large swaths of national forest lands.”

Although the court’s decision was tailored to a small section of the 303-mile pipeline, opponents said it could have implications beyond the national forest.

Joining Thacker in the 44-page opinion were Chief Judge Roger Gregory and Judge William Traxler; the same trio is currently considering another case in which a key approval by Virginia’s State Water Control Board is under attack.

Don midwest
Don midwest

amazing things in Philly

‘A political revolution’: Meet the left-wing group that’s slaying Democratic giants in Philly

i am sure you heard about the new DA

Reclaim Philadelphia has been a major force behind the left wing’s biggest victories in the city in recent years. Larry Krasner, the progressive district attorney, said the organization played a “key role” in his 2017 victory by harnessing “populist and grassroots energy.” In the spring, Reclaim’s members provided critical support to Democrats Elizabeth Fiedler and Joe Hohenstein, who both won primaries for the state legislature against candidates backed by the city’s powerful electricians union.

Also, Fiedler’s husband, Reclaim member Adams Rackes, was elected last month to lead a ward long run by the Democratic establishment. So was Saval, a co-founder of the group.



Can liberals please work out how to win back the working class?

I’m taking a pause from journalism – while I’m gone, can someone please tell the Democrats that they need to stop betraying the movements that support them

We had the perfect opportunity to reverse course in 2008, after a deregulatory catastrophe sent the billionaires shrieking for handouts and ruined middle America as collateral damage. That was the perfect moment for liberals to reclaim their Rooseveltian heritage by governing forcefully on behalf of ordinary people, by warring against over-powerful corporations, by demonstrating the power of the state to build a just and humane society. But they didn’t do it.

I know the excuses: those Republicans were so clever, they wouldn’t vote for Obama’s proposals, etc. But from the long-term perspective, what really mattered was the absence of Democratic will. Instead of doing what the moment required, Democrats chose to help the banks get back on their feet and to stand by as inequality soared; they scolded their base for wanting too much and they extended their hand instead to Silicon Valley and big pharma. The task of capturing public anger was one they regarded with distaste; they left that to Tea Party demagogues and to Donald Trump.

What concerns me as I begin my leave, though, is the larger picture. Trump may be an oaf, but the vicious strain of rightwing populism he introduced is not going away. Trumpism is the future for the Republican party – it delivered Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Iowa too. Wisconsin, of all places, is now a battleground state. In the hands of a real politician, Trumpism has the potential to romp even farther.

Beating the right cannot simply be a matter of waiting for a dolt in the Oval Office to screw things up. There has to be a plan for actively challenging and reversing it, for turning around the fraction of working class voters who have been abandoning the Democratic party for decades. The time is up for happy fantasies of office-park centrism and professional-class competence.


That is how I feel about TOP. But I am there because otherwise apathy would be a worse solution.


Only thing I dont like about it is he seems to be avoiding stating the obvious that they all get their campaign contributions from mainly the same sources so its no mystery why the Dems have not done what he thinks they should.

He acts like its a mystery or something…


He kept the analysis brief.


Kaniela seems to be on an upswing. (yay!)

Kaniela is ‍‍ an unlikely politician. He doesn’t come from money or power. Kaniela is a first-generation college graduate from UH Manoa, who was first elected to the State House at just 23 years-old by personally knocking on 15,000 doors.‍‍‍

Kaniela is the only candidate who has consistently fought for progressive values and secured record funding for his district. Now he’s bringing that energy to fight for aloha in Washington!


Found this fun-to-read article about the ‘progressive community’, ‘determination’, and the importance of canvassing, within the context of a day covering Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently when Alexandria:

dropped into St. Louis to lend her support to Cori Bush during a day-long marathon of fundraising, canvassing and rallying.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cori Bush Are Punk AF

Bush is also running against a long-time Democratic incumbent. Representative William Lacy Clay (D-St. Louis) has held his seat in Missouri’s 1st congressional district for seventeen years after taking over from his father, who held it from 1969 to 2001.

In addition to being an activist and an organizer, Bush is a St. Louis native, a pastor and a nurse. She is very personable and she stands proud and balanced between fearlessness and heart. Impressive on paper, up close she radiates confidence, warmth and ability.

That’s one reason door-to-door canvassing is so important. Once you meet a smart candidate like Bush face-to-face, it is easy to be won over by her enthusiasm. And progressive insurgents like her (and Ocasio-Cortez) are also emphatic about offering something essential that the major parties seem to have forgotten: hope and change. (Remember that?)

Good stuff, but this is where I started paying attention:

We sought (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s) advice on how to proceed when the next move isn’t obvious. What is the average American to do when they want to see a change in their government and they don’t know how to help? If you already vote, donate and whine on social media and still feel impotent, what are the other options short of actually running for office?

Ocasio-Cortez offered the best answer to this problem that we’ve heard yet: “Donate skills.” Much of her campaign, she explained, was run by people who just showed up and lent their expertise. She suggests finding a candidate who you can get behind and if you are good at something, volunteer to do that.

Maybe you can code, maybe you’re a good photographer, maybe you have PR experience, maybe you’re great at talking to people, or maybe you’re even good at hitting up your friends for money. All kinds of skills can be useful. You just have to show up.

I think this writer might usually cover the music scene so, naturally, she watched the goings on that day through that lens:

In many ways, the growing progressive community is set up much like underground music community. Think of the candidate as the band and the volunteers as the fans. Their version of hanging flyers around town is leaving signs on residential doorknobs. Yard signs = band t-shirts. Eventually, the name of the band (or candidate) becomes familiar. And if you play enough shows (or, yeah, knock on enough doors), you start to get a reputation locally. Then you get asked to open for bigger bands who have already found success (see: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez). Soon enough, you’re playing the biggest venues in the country (Congress).

It’s fascinating to witness.

I enjoyed this article. And there’s a lot more good stuff in there.

These women are shaking up the system on their own with few funds (no corporate PAC money!) and nothing but big ideas and endless determination. They have everything pushing against them (their gender, their heritage, their financial limitations) and nevertheless, they persist. That’s punk as fuck.


Here is the same writer back on March 21, 2016, comparing the presidential candidates to musicians. I liked her (I think the name Jaime is usually for a ‘her’, right?) choice for Trump, not so much for Hillary, but not too bad, and her choice for Bernie seemed very on-point. Cruz, well, I’m not sure what she was doing there, lol.


It’s great fun to see all of the videos and pics coming out of Michigan! People so thirsty to get involved, for positive change.


To the American Women that are running for office look at our Neighbors to the south to what they have done. They are way ahead of the US where women in this country comprise about 22% of the house and senate.

https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/monkey-cage/wp/2018/07/11/women-won-big-in-mexicos-elections-taking-nearly-half-the-legislatures-seats-heres-why/?utm_term=.5d93ad42ccb5n Women that are running for office;

When the new Mexican congress sits on Dec. 1, women will make up 49 percent of the lower house and 51 percent of the senate. Mexico will rank fourth in the world for women’s legislative representation. And it will be the only country with an elected senate that is majority female.
Across the board, Mexican women won big in the July 1 elections. The second most important political position in the country (mayor of Mexico City) also went to a woman. At the subnational level, women will make up 50 percent of most state legislatures.

Its also part of their constitution now!!!!


Voting systems in Wisconsin, a key swing state, can be hacked, security experts warn


This is the part that concerns me i has thought that they did post audit for totals as well,

Wisconsin law already requires election officials to conduct voting equipment audits after general elections. The procedure, however, does not verify the accuracy of election outcomes, only whether the machines functioned properly. But that could change


wi60 (hey youngster): what’s been said thru the WI political (lib-progressive) grapevine? Any talk of voters getting together to make sure the votes are thoroughly checked?


Their is interest in following the Colorado model of post election verification(machines and vote totals) but to make that happen hear requires a change in state laws. Don’t know if the R’s are that interested in doing that. One of the election officials said if half of Dane county voted R that would raise some questions about an error.


Is Dane County the Milwaukee area? Here in Floridumb, they have been strict about recounts. Seriously, we fill out paper ballots and if there’s a question, they are recounted–statewide. Sadly, this wasn’t state wide practice in 2000. The Orlando metro area was counted and recounted correctly–Gore got more votes on the recount. The Jeb!/Bush Crime Family already had the fix in and SCOTUS on board. We all suffered under the result. The polls are slowly cleaning up, but the Craporate MSM won’t report it. 🙁


Dane is Madison.


Oops should have specified Madison is in Dane co, is as progressive as it gets in WI and it carried the day in the recent Wi supreme court race.


Jacobin has another good piece that reminds me Bernie’s comments at the Tumble Down fest on Friday that the newer millennials are probably the most progressive today:

Throughout most of my life and before, if you raised the banner of socialism in this country or elsewhere, you had to confront the question of Stalinism, Soviet-style sham elections, one-party rule, and serial violations of any notion of democratic proceduralism. No matter how earnest or fervent your avowals of democratic socialism, the word “democracy” put you on the defensive.

What strikes me about the current moment is how willing and able the new generation of democratic socialists are to go on the offensive about democracy, not to shy away from it but to confront it head on. And again, not simply by redefining democracy to mean “economic democracy,” though that is definitely a major — the major — part of the democratic socialist argument which cannot be abandoned, but also by taking the liberal definition of democracy on its own terms.

The reason this generation of democratic socialists are willing and able to do that is not simply that, for some of them, the Soviet Union was gone before they were born. Nor is it simply that this generation of democratic socialists are themselves absolutely fastidious in their commitment to democratic proceduralism: I mean, seriously, these people debate and vote on everything! It’s also because of the massive collapse of democratic, well, norms, here at home.



Im still going through pictures of our roadtrip, so heres some various locations in NM and CO:

37833260_10100991379146987_2377556649385656320_n (1).jpg

beautiful! I missed that you 2 were on a roadtrip somehow–what fun. roadtrips are some of the best memories i have and i hope to make more. :O)


Gorgeous! Your camera seems very good. Nice, clear, images. Thank you for sharing!


Thanks mags! They werent all so clear 😀

Here’s one of my fav’s:


LOVE reflections.


Good morning friends! Im up(and off) early as I’ve had a little success with the job hunt (thought its back in the corporate world) so no open thread at the moment for 7/30, but if someone wants to put one up… that would be nice! If not, I should be back on in a few hours to get things rolling.

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