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These FRightwingnut fringe yahoos, fake Democrats, and the moneybags who own them don’t represent me and millions of Americans (like the gang on this blog 🙂 ). I hate the kept media referring to DINOs as ‘Liberals.” I consider them the lowest life that crawls/slithers. I hope they tear each greedy, stupid other to shreds. That’s hoping for too much…so be it. T and R, humphrey!!


Humphrey, you raise some interesting questions about our foreign policy in the midst of all of the American media’s glee (or in the case of Fox, denial). Your post prompted me to visit Informed Comment, and this is Juan Cole’s view:

Trump’s Foreign Policy Hand Crippled by Legal Woes

Trump’s domestic woes as an unindicted co-conspirator inevitably make him weak on the world stage. Foreign adversaries don’t take seriously a president who looks as though he might be impeached. And they know that presidents under siege in the capital do not have the leisure to attend to foreign affairs with any concentration. Even friends and allies of the US will find the temptation, of playing on his weakness, irresistible.

Trump abruptly canceled a trip to North Korea by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday, blindsiding the department, out of pique that N. Korean “denuclearization’ wasn’t going well. Only in Trump’s fevered imagination had that ever been even a prospect. But it seems clear that Pyongyang has no fear of a wounded Trump.


BBC Monitoring reports that the interim prayer leader in Tehran in his Friday sermon said,

“Americans are aware of Iran’s great power and know that the time of hit-and-run is over. They are very well aware of Iran’s regional influence and its relations with other nations and governments. Today tens of thousands of American forces in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and in the Persian Gulf countries are within range of Iran’s missiles,” the cleric said during his Friday prayer sermons, which were broadcast live by state-run Radio Tehran on 24 August.”
It doesn’t sound to me like the Iranians are very afraid of Trump.

It doesn’t sound to me as though anyone is.


Big Tech Corporations Are Now Banning Iranian Social Media Accounts – A Censored Student Journalist Speaks out

“Twitter is rigged; Facebook is rigged,” Mousavi said. “We’ve heard a lot of news recently about different pages and groups being banned out of Facebook, banned out of Twitter. I woke up yesterday seeing my page was taken down on Twitter, announcing that they’ve dismantled this Iranian ‘network of disinformation.’”

“What worries me is that, I was just a student doing my bit of what I can do to journalism to counter just a little bit of the huge amount of disinformation being put about my country,” he continued.

Mousavi pointed out that Twitter’s second-largest shareholder is the billionaire Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, who in fact owns more stocks than Twitter’s own co-founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey.

He also noted that Facebook works with the Israeli government, censoring Palestinian social media accounts at its request.

“I believe that this is just the tip of an iceberg of what we have to expect in the near future on social media and the media,” Mousavi said.


Other news outlets starting to report this very worrisome escalation:

Russia Deploys Fleet Off Syria While Claiming U.S. Preparing for Possible Strike

Up to 17 Russian warships have crossed the Bosphorus toward Syria so far this week as tensions between the U.S. and Syria continue to rise



Syria, Turkey, Russia and U.S. to Square Off in Idlib With Millions of Civilians in the Crosshairs

Aid workers are bracing for the Idlib battle, which Turkey claims will put millions of civilians in danger – despite their desire to attack jihadist forces there


I’m relatively anxious right now and also disgusted. This same scenario would most likely be happening in some shape or form had Hillary been elected.

So this is who we are then? Determined to do whatever we want no matter what the cost? No matter who is in ‘the crosshairs’?

This will be mighty confusing for centrists. They are all anti-Assad, so this will make them happy? Oh, but wait, they’re also anti-Trump, so what will they all say now? Gross.

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