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HomeUncategorizedWhat will it take to defeat Ted Cruz in 2018?
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Subir, double-check that blue/red district map. Birmingham was solid blue. Now it’s in Jefferson County but that area’s color code is not accurate. Only reason I’m bringing this up is I lived in B’ham 40+ years ago. It was not KKK country then, and it’s not now. Otherwise, T and R!! 🙂


It looks like that little sliver of blue projecting NE from AL6 heads into Birmingham (assumably the black areas). Gerrymander. Making sure as many black voters as possible are packed into one district.


Trump’s disapproval with Alabamians (in exit polls) was 48%, 1% more than his approval rating. There’s definitely a crack of a window.

The other thing is Clinton was not the candidate anyone in the South was waiting for.