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Thanks for this as I missed it due to Betomania and Bernie’s latest rally.





Thanks! Superwomen!


T and R, Subir!! AOC has already won re-election next year. Love it and her and her posse: the Four Female Musketeers! 🙂

Don midwest
Don midwest

the establishment has been floating for years

going along to get along and keep the campaign money flowing

what a wonderful surprise to see informed, competent hearings

maybe politics and rhetoric have not been totally destroyed

recall that Bill Clinton got impeached for lying about a blow job

now lying has become the new normal

and it dominates the news cycle


“I’ve got to agree that AOC’s team demonstrates a level of preparation that you rarely see, even from very experienced members’ questioning.”

I wonder if the quality of staff work reflects in part the value of a living wage. We always hear about big executive bonuses being needed to retain the best leadership. Weird that that might be true for people doing actual work.

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