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Thanks Subir. Well said. Hopefully she will. The fact that she and Bernie talked is a hopeful sign



After Super Tuesday’s results made clear that the 2020 Democratic primary is now a two-candidate race between former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders, progressives called for an end to divisive infighting and some urged Sen. Elizabeth Warren to join Sanders in a united front against the party’s deep-pocketed and organized establishment wing.

“I’m a Bernie supporter who builds with Warren supporters,” tweeted Varshini Prakash, executive director of the youth-led Sunrise Movement, which endorsed Sanders in January. “This isn’t the time for infighting and vitriol. Let’s leverage our shared power to break through the wall of corporate media, win this primary, and defeat Trump. Let’s #BuildTogether.”

It was a call for progressive unity that others echoed both before and after Super Tuesday, which saw Biden win 10 of 14 states—including delegate-rich Texas—and take a narrow lead in pledged delegates. Sanders won four states, including California, the largest delegate prize of the night.

With the #BuildTogether hashtag making the rounds among both Sanders and Warren supporters, journalist Sam Adler-Bell said the “posts are quite obviously an effort to build goodwill between two support bases that absolutely must combine to defeat the corporate/billionaire wing of the party. I have no patience for anyone upset about it.”


Politics can be strange– The enemy of my enemy is my friend



I’m hesitant to go do it on Twitter because we’re supposed to be giving her a day or two to grieve, right?


Atta-Boy, Subir!! T and R!! I said Liz was a GOPuke at heart, and I still feel that way.


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I understand the frustration with some things Warren has done but this is politics, Bernie will be a lot better off in the upcoming battle with Biden with Warren’s endorsement than if she stays neutral or even worse endorses Biden.