Home2020 ElectionsWith a huge win in Nevada, Bernie now on pace to win majority of pledged delegates

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It is a good start. I printed out the chart from your last post and been using it as a reference.


As far as the hispanic vote this % in Nevada would come in handy if achieved in California and Texas and possibly Colorado.


Both NH and NV report high turnouts. That is excellent news as they are imperative for the Bernster to win the nomination (and the election).


ty subir!


looks like i’ll be digging deep. it will basically be over so soon.


T and R, Subir!! Always a pleasure to read your work. You put a lot of thought into your pieces, and they are very informative. Thanks!! 🙂


I pointed this out last time, but Texas is not a closed primary. You do not need to be registered for the party whose primary you vote in. You are locked into that party’s primaries for the rest of the calendar year though.


Another small niggle, the Idaho Democratic Presidential primary is not totally closed, it is open to unaffiliated voters in addition to those registered Democratic. Per the ID SOS website:

March 10 Democratic Party Presidential Primary is open to:
Registered electors of the Democratic party
“Unaffiliated” electors

Thanks though for all of your work @subir. It is always appreciated here!


It does my heart good, Subir, to see your headline. I’ve often wondered lately how you’ve been seeing things.

And I really appreciate your number-crunching!

Great to see you and thank you.


One other thing. I remember when CA revealed that they were moving CA up in the primary schedule and I thought, hmmmmm, interesting. I wonder why they did that? Having CA at the end of the primary schedule in 2016 really worked out well for Hillary after all. When AP projected Hillary as the winner before CA even got to vote it was a HUGE damper on turnout!

Anyway, my real point (if I have one) is that CA may end up really helping Bernie this year! CA seems to love him. That rally in Bakersfield the other day was something else! 🙂

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