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The DNC would have to pay to have all that mail gone thru and opened, they cant simply shred it as what if their a donor check among the mail –they have to take the time to open each piece as not everybody uses pay pal etc. Just as with the R’s donors D donors are not all computer literate and feel safer writing a physical check.


wi59, totally agree.


I think you misunderstand thinking the DNC wants to win, they are the ‘Washington Generals’ and their job is to put on a good show and then lose, which is much easier to make look ‘good’ playing from behind.

When Obama took office they had Congress and the executive branch and all they did was negotiate with themselves into bad deals, their job is to be the opposition that tries really hard but always loses, so they ended up opposing themselves to keep the game going, but it looked really bad and they knew it.

Its too hard to put on a good show being the party in control so for the next 8 years they dismantled all the pieces that got them on top in the first place and lost enough to have little chance of being in the bad position again. They want to be the underdogs who fight for the working people but just don’t have the political power to stop those mean republicans, that is where we are now and they aren’t going to do anything to change it.

And the Kabuki goes on….


It is worth a try. But how do you convince individuals with this mentality?


Thanks, spring, for the actual contact info and for the thread!