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This refutes the claim that Bernie was given the same JFA.


T and R, humphrey!! 🙂


Brazile was the first official from DNC to acknowledge the mysterious murder of Seth Rich. That’s bold.



Good one Alex. (thx Benny)


A bit of levity…

DNC Unveils Clinton Institute For Campaign Ethics Reform In Response To Corruption Allegations

WASHINGTON—Saying that the new organization would be aimed at upholding the political party’s standard of conduct and ideals, the Democratic National Committee unveiled Thursday the Clinton Institute For Campaign Ethics Reform in response to recent allegations of election rigging during the 2016 primary. “The DNC is taking these claims of misconduct very seriously, which is why we have founded, with the help of a generous $40 million donation from an anonymous benefactor, this new institute whose main focus will be to look into corruption claims like these,” said chairman Tom Perez, adding that a committee has been formed to review the party’s practices and will be led by former DNC chair and current democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who eagerly volunteered her services and intimate knowledge of the 2016 election. “The institute’s initial funding will go toward hiring numerous consultants, lawyers, and policy experts whose experience and advice will be essential in retooling the DNC to align with our value system as democrats and Americans.” At press time, the DNC announced plans to maintain the Clinton Institute’s independence by raising capital with several $30,000-per-plate fundraising dinners.



Are these monies the same money that we were being told HRC was sharing so unselfishly with the rest of the democrats in other races? Sorry for the ignorance on this matter, but I do remember being beat over the head about HRC sharing all of these funds to help the entire party?

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